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Meet Jodi Emerson. Candiate for Wisconsin's 91st State Assembly district. Eau Claire, WI.


Advocating for Our Community

I am focused on fighting for affordable and accessible healthcare, encouraging the growth of our economy and jobs, restoring funding to our education system, working to address social justice issues and protecting our environment.


I have a passion for helping marginalized people use their being a voice. I have been involved with public policy and have taken part in the progress that our state has made in the fight against human trafficking. I have successfully worked on several bills that strengthen our laws to protect victims of human trafficking and punish those who are willing to buy and sell people.  I have seen our state accomplish much in the fight against human trafficking but during that process, I have also seen the ugliness of politics. I have watched bills go nowhere simply because the party in power didn’t author them. I have seen well intentioned bills not get a vote because leadership had other agendas. I have seen legislation done right in Madison and I have seen it done wrong. With my work fighting human trafficking, I have built connections with policymakers from around the state and now I want to use those connections to not just tackle social justice issues but to fight for the Chippewa Valley on multiple levels. I know how to work with others to get things done.

Often people feel that they do not have a voice in Madison, that their concerns are not being heard by those who have been elected to represent us. I will listen and I will bring a voice to those voices not being heard in Madison.  I will not compromise my progressive ideals but will use the skills learned while fighting for human trafficking victims to fight for the people of Chippewa Valley.


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