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Jodi Emerson for State Assembly in Wisconsin's 91st district. Eau Claire, WI.


Democrat for
Wisconsin State Assembly District 91
Passion - Experience - Leadership



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Saturday, March 3rd
Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Eau Claire is home in every sense of the word to me. Eau Claire is about more than a location for me, it is part of who I am. I was born and raised here and my husband, Julian, and I have chosen to raise our family here. We have lived on the East Side Hill for over 20 years and love the sense of community there is in our neighborhood.


I have always been an active and involved member of my community. PTA president, Girl Scout leader, and being involved in whatever activity my children were doing at the time filled my days when the girls were younger. Volunteering in their activities was more about being a part of their lives, it was about being invested in my community.

As my children grew up and went away to college, I found another cause to fill my passion for helping people. I started fighting human trafficking. I quickly found out that there were many people from the city I loved caught in horrible circumstances and I felt that I could do something to fix the problem.

I started volunteering at Fierce Freedom and quickly that turned into a fulltime job. I got involved not only on the local level but also at a state level. I’ve worked on policy and collaborated with others from around the state to work together to fight the world’s fastest- growing crime.

I’ve been an active member of Wisconsin’s Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force, co-chair of the Implementation Committee of the Task Force and was instrumental in writing curriculum, developing tools, helping create outreach and prevention materials that will be accessible throughout the state. I am currently a member of the Wisconsin Anti-Trafficking Consortium and the Wisconsin Anti-Trafficking Advisory Council.

I became involved in the fight against human trafficking because it was a problem happening in the community I love and no one was talking about it. It was happening in my city, in my neighborhood, under my watch and I couldn't stand by and watch it happen.

Community is important to me. I have worked my entire adult life to make the community I live in a better place for everyone.

-Jodi Emerson

Endorsements for International Women's Day

It was 43 years ago that the United Nations adopted March 8th as International Women’s Day as a day to celebrate social, economic, cultural, and political achievements. Women’s day is about more than identifying as a woman, it’s about understanding how women’s overlapping identities — including race, class, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation — impact the way they experience oppression and discrimination. We have made significant strides since that Saturday afternoon, but more changes need to be made. Just two weeks ago, Time magazine reported that a woman needs one more degree than men to earn the same average salary. Sexism and sexual harassment still exist in nearly every office in every city throughout our state and country. In the last year, the most powerful movement seen throughout our nation has been one based on survivors of sexual violence.


I am running to represent women of Eau Claire and Wisconsin to put an end to these injustices. In my 27 years of Eau Claire, I have yet to have a female represent me in the Assembly. It’s time for that to change. I am proud to announce the endorsements of the following strong women and pledge to continue the fight once elected as your State Representative for the 91st Assembly.


State Representative Jill Billings (D-La Crosse)

Former State Representative Kristen Dexter

Former School Board Member Trish Cummins

Karman Briggs

Sarah Driever


#IntersectionalFeminism #SheMeansBusiness #IWD2018 #EmersonForAssembly

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