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Jodi Emerson for State Assembly in Wisconsin's 91st district. Eau Claire, WI.

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Democrat for
Wisconsin State Assembly District 91
A Champion for Chippewa Valley


Get to Know Us

Jodi Emerson understands the challenges we face in the Chippewa Valley. She and her husband raised their two children here and they still live in the first house they bought in 1996. Jodi comes from a family of hard workers whose roots run deep in the Chippewa Valley. Her story is our story. Her grandfather was a farmer and her father worked at Uniroyal until it closed. 


In the Assembly, she takes up our problems as her own. That’s why she’s working to make housing and child care more affordable, and getting tax relief to small businesses. She’s a fighter for our community, taking on health care companies to cover important medical care and protecting families’ ability to access IVF treatment. 


Now, Jodi is running for re-election because MAGA Republicans in the Assembly are playing politics with the future of the Chippewa Valley. By holding tax payer dollars hostage, they’re refusing to help our communities get PFAS chemicals out of our water and refusing to solve our medical care crisis as hospitals and clinics across the district close. They’re rolling back women’s rights and degrading and defunding our public universities. 


We need a champion for Chippewa Valley in the Assembly. We need Jodi Emerson.


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